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Dubplate Bookings

Wednesday, 09 January 2013 03:13 Published in Dubplate Bookings

In4rahred Dubplate Bookings

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Saturday, 05 January 2013 05:24 Published in Featured Artist

Khalij,born Gregory Walker,is a humble young man,yet greatly promissing,loves avid song writer and recording artiste.Khalij is being touted by his peers along with the musical influences and industry players,as an artiste for the near future of reggae/dancehall!

Khalij is a resolute,young reggae/dancehall artiste,born in Kingston, Jamaica.He has been doing professional music since 2006,& has a strong catalog of songs!Listening to Khalij's music,you might not hear a sound resembling another artiste,as well as you may!Khalij is a potent song-writer;with the ability to bring out vivid pictures through words!

The music industry boasts Khalij as a force for the future!!!The name 'KHALIJ',pronounced Kol-ij; derives from the word 'College',which is simply depicting education,motivation,among other positive modes in relation to school {institute} & learning!Eversince listening to music,Khalij has been showing tender interest for singing/deejaying!Then music producing soon became a liking of the now influencial song-writer,sinjay!Blended in Khalij's music are jus about any and long as it is reality!Khalij is strongly of the belief that music is life,therfore music should emulate and reflect life in its entirety!

Without knocking musicians who choose to sing/deejay/rap about luxury and vanity,Khalij believes music should be if one's surounding is filled with pure luxury and or vanity,they reserve the right to echo the sentimence of their suroundings,feeling,lifestyle,etc.Born and initially raised in an up town community {Sterling Castle Close,Red Hills,St.Andrew},Khalij was no stranger to hardcore lifestyle.Before becoming a teen,he moved to a volitile community in kgn.13.,more popularly known as {Two Miles}!Then to High school in the country; Knox College....{boarding school}!Now equipped with experiences of the different kinds of living conditions,Khalij is able to reach people of all types!The mellodies and slurred high pitched voice artiste [KHALIJ] has,through his songs,created a strong fan base,not only in Jamaica but internationally as well!!!

Keep tuned in to the sounds of this young soul for he has so much wonderful music to offer to the true lovers of music!


Saturday, 05 January 2013 05:22 Published in Featured Artist
Eton Gordon (born August 11, 1984) better known by his stage name Kalado, is a Jamaican recording artist. Kalado resided in Maxfield Park, Kingston, until he moved to Clarendon at the age of four. After graduating from Edwin Allen High School at age 16, with a CXC Distinction Honour for Art & Craft, he moved back to Kingston with the intention to pursue a visual arts career. But fate was pulling him in another direction. He soon found out that he had not been completely off track though, instead of visual arts, he was destined to become a performing artist. Instead of drawing, he has become a musician - one of the most prominent newcomer to the Dancehall Reggae scene to date.

KALADO developed his love for music after an impromptu performance for several of his friends. Startled by his raw talent, his friends encouraged him to hone his art; and this he did! Building on the influences of his favorite lyricists Assassin, Junior Gong and Eminem, Kalado has created a style that one could argue is second to none right now. After an exhilarating performance at a local stage show, Kalado received a further nod from fate when his performance was so well received that he was invited as a ''Wild Card'' contestant by International producer, Scatta, to compete in the prestigious Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall. 

His journey has been a long one and full of life lessons. He has had to endure social and economic struggles, compounded by absentee parents- a painful struggle that he uses as motivation and inspiration for his music. But hard work always pay off - after years of doing things all by himself, he met Jim Kelly who believed so much in his talent that he decided to become his Manager. He has had the opportunity to work with some of the most talented producers in Jamaica such as J Cannon, Dre Dey of Star Status Music and Icon of I.M.G (Icon Music Group). In 2009, he released his first hit single ''Badmind a Kill Dem'' under his own label, G Law Records. This success brought him much notoriety and pushed his career to new heights. His most recent project is his sophomore "Sad Streets" mixtape. Singles such as ''Carry on'', ''Sad streets'' and ''Provide mi own'' has captured the attention of some of the most influential local disc jocks and has lead to him receiving heavy airplay on almost every station on the island. He has 2 videos "Badmind a Kill Dem" and "Sad streets", which are from the "Sad Streets" mixtape.

So look, listen and learn, Calado is on his way, armed with a unique perspective, hard hitting lyrics and an energetic act. No one can say it better than Calado himself: "Look out for me. I'm coming to stand on the world, and if I get tired, I sit in the throne!''.
Follow me on twitter @kaladoartist
Band Interests
To be the next big thing out of Dancehall, making music that the people like and to uplift Dancehall and my country
Artists We Also Like
Bounty Killer, Damion Marley


Saturday, 05 January 2013 05:20 Published in Featured Artist

I am a dancehall/reggae artist . I am a hard working, self motivated & goal oriented individual who enjoys being surrounded by sincere down to earth people. I started singing/deejaying when I was about 14, but start writing my own songs when at roughly age 18. My biggest influence is my mom but what do I want to accomplish in the industry? Unity within the nation through my music.

What the world should know about me? I am just another person who wants the best for everyone. Some of my favorite artistes? Bob Marley, Celine Dion, Shaba Ranks and Beres Hammond and a few others. I was born and raise in Old Harbor, St. Catherine Jamaica.

Stage Name: Sentenal

Occupation: Musician

Leisure: Write and Rehearse Songs, Attend & Perform at stage show, Penny Concert plus do Dub Plate for Sounds System

A few of my Achievements in Music: I got chosen on Magnum King and Queen of the dancehall as part of a group trio in 2009 (the group consisted of Medallion, Dwayno and myself, Sentenal. I was the winner of the (JCDC/SDC) extravaganza deejay competition held at G.C. Foster college, Third Place in Portmore Talent Search , Second place in Credit Union deejay competition, Third Place in the Linstead Talent Search held at 21 Kings Street Linstead, also second place (S.D.C) talent competition held at Jamal-co Clarendon and I was also one of the finalists on the 2003 Port more Talent Search. First place at JN Money Credit Union.

Some of the shows I have performed on are Church Pen Cultural Explosion, Pan di san in Old Harbour Bay, Asylum night Club, Ronny Williams in Kingston, Buff Bay Portland Lynch Park. I've also performed at one of the Bounty Killa & Friends stage show, Mountain New Stunt Festival at Jamalco, the Social Development Commission (SDC) Old Harbour Development Area Committee Community Expo held at Ascot Hall and also at various local stage shows in Water House, Genimebit in Clarendon etc etc etc

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