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Jahcure World Cry Album

If you're looking for a roots reggae album, World Cry is probably not for you.  Although Jah Cure maintains a fundamental reggae undertone for most of the songs featured on this album, the infusion of several other genres is also quite pronounced. It seems rather experimental, steering towards a crossover compilation as the artiste trades in gritty roots sounds for mainstream variants.

The album opens with the inspirational song, 'Nothing is Impossible'. Here we are introduced to the subtle R&B flavour which will become progressively prevalent. 'I Can't Wait' follows with a more up-tempo groove. From the lyrical content to the rhythm we see another layer unfolding, defined by hip-hop influences which overflow into 'Cosign' that could be likened to a Sean Kingston song.

For Track 4, 'Before I Leave' we recapture a little of the old Jah Cure we're more accustomed to. Although there are still traces of the cross over- R&B element, the one drop riddim that accompanies the track is quite pervasive. This is short lived as by the time we get to track 5 we're transferred to a whole new realm, one inspired by Latin music in Unconditional Love (feat. Phyllisa).

Thus far theme of love proves to be the central focus of the songs and continues with 'Only Vice' and 'Choose Up' (features Jazmin Sullivan). Though both are not distinctively reggae songs, they still contain some sentiments of an island spice. 'Me Miss' seemingly acts as a transitional song for 'Like I See It' (featuring Mavado), which is probably the most pronounced cross over song on the entire release.

The title track, World Cry channels a Pop/ R&B blend to address recent atrocities that have occurred across the world. The song also changes the mood of the album that was previously focused on love and relationships. 'Reach out' and 'Save Yourself' takes a similar tone as 'World Cry', with world issues, politics and salvation as central themes. This trend continues until the end with 'Praises to Jah' (feat. Phyllisa) and 'All By Myself'. Perhaps the artiste's placement of 'All By Myself' which features Rap legend Tupac at the very end is a statement as to the direction his music is headed.

Genres aside though World Cry does contain good music. The title could possibly be seen as a metaphor alluding to the worldly appeal through the different genres explored. Jah Cure's signature voice remains striking with an uncanny ability to pull listeners in. The album is now available on Itunes and Amazon and the title track 'World Cry' video has also been released (see links below).

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