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.Dancehall artiste Blak Ryno beefing with Popcaan and Tommy Lee

In a song, Murder Addi Children, that surfaced on YouTube recently, Ryno threw words at ‘Gaza’ artistes Popcaan and Tommy Lee.

“Di bwoy dem fraid a mi/ Mi a kill dem and done/ Mi nuh kill dem and run/ Murder Addi children and done/ Di bwoy dem see the stinga walk een, like chicken hawk man haffi sprint weh and run/ Aim fi eye, mi nuh aim fi di belly/ From yuh diss the link nutten neva merry,” he said.

In parts of the song Ryno also mimics Tommy Lee’s voice.

Speaking with the Jamaica Star, Ryno was very vocal as he explained that the song is a direct attack at Popcaan and Tommy Lee.

“It aim fi di two a dem. Dem seh dem a di baddest inna dancehall and dem a run. Mi a mark him (Popcaan) and him go DeMarco,” he said.

After leaving the Vybz Kartel-led Portmore Empire, Ryno says Popcaan wanted to clash him but was unable to because he was under ‘order’. But, “now dem nuh under no programme. Now him free up,” he said.

And although Popcaan did not respond to him on previous occasions when he did songs like Gaza Beating Stick and Follow Mi Up, Ryno says this new song was not done to get any ‘hype’.

“Mi nah look no hype. Mi nah hope fi achieve nutten, mi just a try get my point across. Him a throw word under style,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ryno says he plans to shoot music videos for songs like Wine Me and Seh Dem A Fren. He said he also has new songs like Why Life, Wine Up Mi Body and Rest In Peace.

Black ryno beef with Popcaan

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