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Vybz Kartel celebrated his 37th birthday earlier this week behind bars as he is still facing several charges.

Dancehall artiste Vybz Kartel celebrated his 37th birthday earlier this week behind bars as he is still facing several charges.

However, along with his birthday celebration, members of his musical team are of the view that the artiste should be crowned the new king of dancehall.

The controversial artiste maintained a strong presence in dancehall for the majority of 2012 due to the success of his pre-recorded material. He also received his first nod from the internationally acclaimed Grammy organisation after his album Pon Di Gaza Mi Sey was nominated for the provisional list for this year's Grammy award in the category of Best Reggae Album.

Former road manager for Vybz Kartel, Calvin 'Moonie' Haye, believes the demand for Kartel's music by dancehall fans is testimony that he rules dancehall.

"Vybz Kartel still has a presence in the dancehall and if his songs aren't played its like nuh dance naah keep and it's the same for radio, so Vybz Kartel is the King of Dancehall, a di people dem a sey suh. Right now a lot of artiste cyah find nuh hit because Vybz Kartel deh a jail and dem used to bridge his ideas a one boss and anymore boss a basket," Moonie said.

Dancehall singjay Gaza Slim also shared a similar view.

"To how the crowd see it Vybz Kartel is the King of Dancehall, he is the world boss, he is everything. From Vybz Kartel absent yu see anything badda dan him? It's like yu cooking curried goat without the curry. Vybz Kartel is the flavour of dancehall suh a him fi get King a di dancehall title," she continued.

"Mi nuh know nothing bout some artiste, dem have dem opinion, but in my opinion Vybz Kartel is the king. Him deh jail and still a run di place and a dem should a run di place. If yu guh to a party and yu nuh hear no Vybz kartel di people dem a guh cuss. Vybz Kartel will not even be surprised by the title because him know sey him a di baddest," Gaza Slim said.

Unique Records producer Elvis Redwood believes Vybz Kartel has earned himself a huge and loyal fanbase due to his versatility.

"He is just versatile and he doesn't do one kind of music - he has girl songs, social commentary, bad songs and he holds the people by doing all forms of music and not just one topic. For 2013, we just hope he gets bail and continue to put out good music," Redwood said


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