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.Dancehall artiste Blak Ryno beefing with Popcaan and Tommy Lee

In a song, Murder Addi Children, that surfaced on YouTube recently, Ryno threw words at ‘Gaza’ artistes Popcaan and Tommy Lee.

“Di bwoy dem fraid a mi/ Mi a kill dem and done/ Mi nuh kill dem and run/ Murder Addi children and done/ Di bwoy dem see the stinga walk een, like chicken hawk man haffi sprint weh and run/ Aim fi eye, mi nuh aim fi di belly/ From yuh diss the link nutten neva merry,” he said.

In parts of the song Ryno also mimics Tommy Lee’s voice.

Speaking with the Jamaica Star, Ryno was very vocal as he explained that the song is a direct attack at Popcaan and Tommy Lee.

“It aim fi di two a dem. Dem seh dem a di baddest inna dancehall and dem a run. Mi a mark him (Popcaan) and him go DeMarco,” he said.

After leaving the Vybz Kartel-led Portmore Empire, Ryno says Popcaan wanted to clash him but was unable to because he was under ‘order’. But, “now dem nuh under no programme. Now him free up,” he said.

And although Popcaan did not respond to him on previous occasions when he did songs like Gaza Beating Stick and Follow Mi Up, Ryno says this new song was not done to get any ‘hype’.

“Mi nah look no hype. Mi nah hope fi achieve nutten, mi just a try get my point across. Him a throw word under style,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ryno says he plans to shoot music videos for songs like Wine Me and Seh Dem A Fren. He said he also has new songs like Why Life, Wine Up Mi Body and Rest In Peace.

Black ryno beef with Popcaan

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Beenie Man Appologise To Fans

International recording artiste Beenie Man has apologised to his legion of Caribbean fans who are disappointed that he will not be making an appearance at the Power Soca and Groovy Soca Monarch competitions this year.

He had planned to enter this contest for the first time this year, but has performed at the actual events several times as a guest act during his storied career.

"The problem is that we have been touring hard overseas and I tried to get both songs done in time for the contests, but I just couldn't make it in time. I sincerely apologise to all the Beenie Man fans in the Caribbean who expected me to enter the contests," he said. "I was just unable to get it done, the circumstances were beyond my control, but definitely next year, I will be there because ah my show that."

Beenie has been experimenting with different genres of music, and this year, he recorded two songs in an attempt to enter this year's competitions in Trinidad - one of the biggest shows in the calendar of the T&T Carnival, but his submissions were late.

The announcement was made by the Caribbean Prestige Foundation officials last week that Beenie Man's recordings for preliminary judging which took place last Sunday were received late, so the 'Doctor' missed out on his chance to win the first prize award of TT$2 million.

Beenie Man showed that he still has major box office pull when he performed in front of a crowd of 27,000 screaming fans during the entertainment segment of the GFA Banks Beer KO Cup on January 1, 2013.The event took place at the GCC Ground Bourda.

Beenie Man thrilled the audience with a steady stream of his songs including Let's Go, Street Life, Who Am I, King Of The Dancehall, along with recent hit Dweet Again.

"This year, mi ah go do the same things mi do inna 2010, 2011, 2012 ... mi just ah go hard, and dweet again," Beenie Man said.

He is presently promoting a new single called Clean Heart, and the video is now in rotation on CVM TV, RE, HYPE and MD TV.


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Turbulence Set to Make Come Back

Reggae artiste Sheldon Campbell, more popularly known as Turbulence, is proclaiming his return on the local entertainment scene after more than a year away from the Jamaican market.

According to the singer, whose career skyrocketed in 2006 with the chart-topping hit Notorious, 2013 is his for the taking.

"This year looks very bright for Turbulence, I'm ready to run back the business again. After touring inreggae markets extensively, I've decided to return home mainly because my local fans haven't seen me much. I have a new management team in Extreme Promotions out of the UK, and a publicist in Karl Durrant and a hit- bound single which was released just a few days ago titled Remember on the African Gyal rhythm," Turbulence said.

Once a staple on reggae playlists across the world thanks to hits such as Want A Natty and WeGot The Love featuring Sasha, Turbulence will be looking to add more songs to his current catalogue.

"Right now there are a lot of new singles on the way, we looking to do a music video for Remember in a few weeks to reconnect with the people in the streets," he said.

Turbulence recently returned from a four-show stint in Suriname where he performed alongside Fantan Mojah and Jah Cure.

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Jahcure World Cry Album

If you're looking for a roots reggae album, World Cry is probably not for you.  Although Jah Cure maintains a fundamental reggae undertone for most of the songs featured on this album, the infusion of several other genres is also quite pronounced. It seems rather experimental, steering towards a crossover compilation as the artiste trades in gritty roots sounds for mainstream variants.

The album opens with the inspirational song, 'Nothing is Impossible'. Here we are introduced to the subtle R&B flavour which will become progressively prevalent. 'I Can't Wait' follows with a more up-tempo groove. From the lyrical content to the rhythm we see another layer unfolding, defined by hip-hop influences which overflow into 'Cosign' that could be likened to a Sean Kingston song.

For Track 4, 'Before I Leave' we recapture a little of the old Jah Cure we're more accustomed to. Although there are still traces of the cross over- R&B element, the one drop riddim that accompanies the track is quite pervasive. This is short lived as by the time we get to track 5 we're transferred to a whole new realm, one inspired by Latin music in Unconditional Love (feat. Phyllisa).

Thus far theme of love proves to be the central focus of the songs and continues with 'Only Vice' and 'Choose Up' (features Jazmin Sullivan). Though both are not distinctively reggae songs, they still contain some sentiments of an island spice. 'Me Miss' seemingly acts as a transitional song for 'Like I See It' (featuring Mavado), which is probably the most pronounced cross over song on the entire release.

The title track, World Cry channels a Pop/ R&B blend to address recent atrocities that have occurred across the world. The song also changes the mood of the album that was previously focused on love and relationships. 'Reach out' and 'Save Yourself' takes a similar tone as 'World Cry', with world issues, politics and salvation as central themes. This trend continues until the end with 'Praises to Jah' (feat. Phyllisa) and 'All By Myself'. Perhaps the artiste's placement of 'All By Myself' which features Rap legend Tupac at the very end is a statement as to the direction his music is headed.

Genres aside though World Cry does contain good music. The title could possibly be seen as a metaphor alluding to the worldly appeal through the different genres explored. Jah Cure's signature voice remains striking with an uncanny ability to pull listeners in. The album is now available on Itunes and Amazon and the title track 'World Cry' video has also been released (see links below).

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Jahcure Jahcure

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